UGONO AKPEVWEOGHENE is a seasoned Computer Scientist with experience in the fields of Software Development and Hardware Design, Installation and Configuration. As a software and web developer, he has over the course of seven(7) years developed expertise using the following programming languages:HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g,Microsoft C#(pronounced as C-sharp) programming language and the .NET Framework, and the Python programming language.

In the sub-division of hardware, he’s been involved in the areas of design, costing and installation of desktop computers, laptops and servers for companies involved in Banking, Graphics Design and Database Design. He’s also created a Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP) mechanism using the Debian PBX Asterisk System over three(3) business sites and secured it with a Virtual Private Network(VPN).

UGONO AKPEVWEOGHENE possesses an Undergraduate degree in Physics and Solar Energy from Bowen University, Iwo, Osun state, Nigeria as well as aMaster’s degree in Computing from the University of Sunderland,Tyne and Wear, UK. er computer systems amongst other areas.

Furthermore, the advent of the internet and having web pages on the internet changed the way we handle information and the way we do business as people now make lots of money on the internet; Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are just only two of the several individuals who have made billions on the internet. There’s never a better time than this to learn how to code or write computer programs or even master other areas of Information Technology. So,I enjoin you as a visitor to my website to peruse through and get to see something that interests you and if you would like to speak with me personally, kindly click on the Contact button to your right-hand side.Thank you and God bless.